Celebrating New Year’s Eve Outdoors

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Celebrating new years outdoors with fireworks

Celebrating New Year’s Eve outside can be a fun and memorable experience, especially if you have the right outdoor features to make the night special. Here are some ideas for how to make the most of your firepit, paver patio, and outdoor kitchen on New Year’s Eve:

  1. Host a bonfire and roast marshmallows: Gather around the firepit with friends and family to roast marshmallows and make s’mores. You can also use the firepit for cooking hot dogs or other simple snacks.

  2. Set up a cozy seating area: Arrange patio furniture or blankets and pillows on your paver patio to create a comfortable and inviting space for watching the fire or stargazing.

  3. Plan a menu for the outdoor kitchen: If you have an outdoor kitchen, you can use it to prepare a special meal for your New Year’s Eve celebration. For example, consider grilling steaks, burgers, or seafood or preparing a festive appetizer spread.

  4. Make it a movie night: Set up a projector and screen on your patio or backyard and watch a classic New Year’s Eve movie or a festive holiday film.

  5. Have a champagne toast at midnight: Ring in the new year with a toast to the new year. Set up a bar area on your patio with champagne, sparkling water, and other drinks, along with glasses and ice.

  6. Play outdoor games: Set up a cornhole or horseshoes game on your patio, or play a classic backyard game like frisbee or bocce ball.

  7. Create a festive ambiance: Set the mood with string lights, lanterns, or candles, and consider adding some holiday decorations like wreaths or garlands.

With a firepit, paver patio, and outdoor kitchen, you have all the ingredients for a memorable and enjoyable New Year’s Eve celebration. So gather your friends and family and start planning your outdoor party today!

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