Outdoor Living Space Upgrade Ideas For The Fall Season

stone fire pit with outdoor chairs, enjoying the sunset and landscape.


The fall season is coming soon, and homeowners would probably relate to it with change. Change is the only permanent thing, so it’s time for another season of renewal. This means it’s time for change and upgrades – where should you start?


Gladly, we’ve made a list of features you can add to your outdoor living space to make neighbors, guests, and yourself fall in love with the view.


Fire Pits

Fall means days are shorter and nights longer. Colder nights? Definitely. Add some fire pits and let your outdoor space become the perfect venue for get-togethers. Who wouldn’t want the pleasant feeling of warmth while in the company of good friends, right? Since the dawn of man, fire has been a helpful tool. Our instincts tell us comfort comes while sitting with your folks around the fire. Now that’s a merry occasion to look forward to every single time!

Before you decide on building a fire pit, remember that you have many designs to choose from to complement your home’s style best. Fire Pit installation is vital for safety. Safety should be the topmost priority when you’re around a fire. Our landscape designers keep this in mind when advising you on the location of the firepit. You can connect with your creative spark when picking the right sitting wall to match your fire pit. Then you and your family can get cozy around the fire pit and invite your friends to enjoy.



Another good addition to start upgrading your outdoor living space in time for the season is the pergola. Pergolas are designated areas perfect for enjoying the fresh air, hanging out with friends, or enjoying a hot tea/coffee on a cold night. Pergolas are ideal for both small and large outdoor spaces. Just like fire pits, the pergola’s materials and installation are vital for your safety.


Pergolas and fire pits are a great combination when installed in the right location in your backyard. These features add coziness to enjoy your outdoor living space in comfort. You and your guests will love spending time in your outdoor living space! Pergolas not only make your outdoor living spaces more beautiful but also add value to your property should you sell it in the future.


Stone Seating Walls

When you have fire pits, stone seating walls would be a great addition considering these added features are far more durable than furniture. Aesthetically speaking, stone walls emit a simplistic and elegant vibe. Stone or paver seating walls allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space even more, all year around.

Stone complements your outdoor living space even better in fall, especially if combined with a remarkable terrain or landscape. It’s simple yet cozy, sturdier, and more pleasing to the eye with this sense of durability and stability. Stone walls match the accent and vibe of the fall season and create a visual effect that contrasts the environment one can only find during fall.

Patio Paver Area

Adding pavers to your gorgeous patios is perfect for the fall season – like following a tradition that focuses on renewal or change. Paver patios make your outdoor living space durable even in the fall and winter. In addition, paving stones are pleasing to the eye; we choose them to complement your home’s style. As a result, the Paver patio looks beautiful throughout the seasons. Unlike concrete, paver stones are durable, and you don’t have to worry about cracking or splitting as the temperature changes. Plus, pavers come with a warranty for added peace of mind.

As you enjoy your afternoons or evenings on your patio this fall, adding pavers protects your outdoor living space against winter’s harsh temperatures. Patio pavers are more robust than concrete and adaptable in case excess water gets below ground. Paver patios need less maintenance, and should you need to address repairs; individual paving stones are more accessible to replace than fixing concrete in large portions – meaning less headache and less cost!

Outdoor lighting features

If you’re upgrading your outdoor living space this fall season, chances are you want to be able to enjoy them in the evenings and nights. That’s where adding outdoor lighting comes to help. Here are a few spots to focus on for your outdoor lighting upgrades:

Add illumination to your fire pits. Fire pits stand the test of time, and what better way to create a cozy vibe is by adding soft lighting around it? Night time during the fall season may be darker than usual so adding lights helps you or your guest find the way around the yard.
If you have a more extensive landscape, lighting features in shrubs or even trees lighting features can make the yard less bare. Emphasize tree portions such as the trunk but not the bare branches. Lighting effects are also perfect for events like Halloween to emphasize whatever theme you have in mind.
Another great addition is string lights across your landscape. Put lights around patios or canopies to give guests a welcoming vibe. Lighting can also emphasize parts of your house that passers-by can see.
Of course, adding lighting features for the fall season can also mean additional cost, but consider LED ones. LED outdoor lighting features are brighter, last longer, and you get a lower electricity bill.
To become more economically efficient and environment-friendly, use solar lighting fixtures. They may initially cost higher, but from a long-term perspective, they’ll cost lower. No need to worry about wirings, too! Supplement your solar lighting fixtures with string lights to make your outdoor landscape fit your liking.
Our landscape designers will help you choose the right lights for your outdoor living space.

Outdoor kitchens

Fall is more enjoyable if you have an outdoor kitchen. Why? If you love the idea, it’s time to add an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens are perfect for fall when families get together for holidays like Halloween and thanksgiving. To make outdoor kitchens perfect for your gatherings, consider adding features like pergolas, lights, fire pits, etc.

Depending on your budget and personal preference, outdoor kitchens can also be upgraded with other valuable features so that you can enjoy them in the fall and every year.

BBQ Islands

Besides outdoor kitchens, BBQ islands are also a perfect upgrade for the fall season. An attractive feature to look out for, BBQ islands are also one of the safest and most convenient ways to prepare food in your outdoor living space.

Neighbors’ heads wouldn’t only turn. The smell of barbecue is enough for them to say hello and check out your outdoor living space upgrades. By adding a unique BBQ island to your backyard, homeowners will spend more time enjoying their backyard. They’ll feast their eyes on the eccentric, simple, or grand design that will add more appeal to your yard.

To make BBQ islands even better, add gorgeous countertops to awe guests. Our designers will show you many options for a sophisticated or simple look. Like indoor kitchens, pick pretty backsplashes that compliment your home’s style; brown or gray hues look simple and clean and are perfect fall colors. If you’ve got a bit or small space, we can help you choose the ideal spot for your BBQ island. In addition, we can focus on avoiding traffic when folks come over to have more room for cooking.

Artificial Turf Lawn

Fall is when most of the leaves fall from trees. Meaning it’s going to be more work and maintenance for your yard. Artificial turf lawns ease this problem because artificial lawns need less to no maintenance but still give your landscape a beautiful green vibe. In addition, unlike natural lawns, artificial turf is economically-friendly for fall landscape upgrades due to zero requirement for daily watering, mowing, fertilizing, etc.

Artificial turf lawns won’t require you too much effort to make outdoor living spaces better during fall—no need to re-do the lawn when debris messes your yard after the accumulation of fallen leaves. No need for lawnmowers and gardeners; take out your rake and scrape away those leaves. A piece of cake!

Artificial turf lawns aren’t only perfect for Fall, as this upgrade can make your outdoor living space aesthetically better in any season. Synthetic turf looks the same even after fall passes and transitions to winter. Yet, unlike regular grass, artificial lawns don’t need fertilizer nor need to be aerated, therefore
better for the environment. Its color stays the same even in the cold winter, holding its realistic texture and greenery, which can sometimes be confused for natural grass.

Add an artificial turf lawn to your yard in time for the fall season, and enjoy it as the season’s change – it stays gorgeous for decades!