Front Yard Landscape Design Sacramento

As landscape designers in Sacramento, we understand the importance of creating a visually pleasing and functional front yard. To help you design a welcoming entrance, we recommend considering the following factors:

  • Evaluate your space and decide what you want your front yard to become. Do you want a functional area for lounging and playing? Or simply a more visually pleasing space?
  • Consider privacy barriers that must be waist-high to prevent people from wandering into your front yard while allowing light and views onto the street and adding a retaining wall.
  • Consider the amount of light the area receives and choose plants that will thrive on your site. Consider including multi-seasonal attributes such as foliage color, flowers, berries, and bark.
  • Consider the scale of your front yard and choose plants that are in scale with the yard—leaving enough room for plants to reach their mature size and providing ample space for children to play.
  • Pick hardscape and plants to accentuate your home’s facade and complement your home’s style, including a paver patio, fencing, paver walkway, retaining walls, and other landscape elements.
  • If maintaining a traditional lawn requires too much time and resources, consider alternatives such as artificial turf or a xeriscape landscape design.
  • If your front yard has a steep slope, add easy-to-navigate paver steps or a ramp, and consider lighting for safety.

At our landscape design company, we can help you create your dream garden design. We incorporate these ideas to create a beautiful and functional front yard that makes your home stand out and welcomes guests.