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Landscaping Sacramento: Sacramento Landscape Design wtih retaining wall steps creating a beautiful outdoor living space.

Landscape Design Near Me in Folsom, CA

Landscape design near me in Folsom, CA by Advanced Pavers & Landscape.

Elevate Outdoor Living with Folsom’s Best Landscape Design Near You

Nestled along the American River, Folsom is a picturesque community cherished for its historical charm and natural beauty. With its unique terrain and climate, Folsom properties offer an opportunity for homeowners to craft distinctive landscapes that accentuate the region’s allure

Why Choose Advanced Pavers & Landscape for Folsom Landscape Design?

Incorporating custom landscaping not only uplifts your home’s aesthetic appeal but also amplifies its market value. Though our expertise shines in Folsom landscape design, Advanced Pavers & Landscape is thrilled to offer comprehensive consultations and quotes in the heart of Folsom. By rejuvenating the surrounding outdoor space, homeowners can substantially increase their property’s value and experience a renewed sense of pride and appreciation.

Affordable yet Luxurious Folsom Landscape Installation

Our commitment goes beyond beautifying your spaces. We strive to provide superior Folsom Landscape Installation services without straining your finances. Contact us at (916) 477-1352 or use our user-friendly contact form. We offer complimentary consultations, helping you make informed decisions about your landscaping needs.

Searching for “Landscape Design Near Me” in Folsom? We’re Here to Help

  • Advanced Pavers & Landscape is committed to delivering exemplary landscape designs tailored to the needs and desires of Folsom’s residents. Whether you’re refurbishing an old space or initiating a fresh project, our promise is to manifest the landscape you’ve envisioned. Our extensive services encompass:
    • Unique Landscape Designs
    • Water Feature Integrations
    • Drought Tolerant Xeriscapes
    • Ambient Fire Pits & Outdoor Living Spaces
    • Landscape Illumination and more

Craft Your Outdoor Oasis in Folsom with Landscape Design Near You

Visualize entertaining guests in the midst of Folsom’s serene backdrop, all made possible with Advanced Pavers & Landscape’s outdoor kitchen layouts! Our innovative designs come equipped with:

  • Functional outdoor sinks
  • Elegant outdoor bars
  • Durable countertops
  • Efficient stove top ranges
  • Premium grills
  • State-of-the-art outdoor refrigerators
  • Cozy fireplaces
  • Authentic outdoor pizza ovens

For those in Folsom, CA looking to revel in their backyard’s luxury and charm, an outdoor kitchen by Advanced Pavers & Landscape is the epitome of splendor. Reach out for a FREE quote and let’s turn your dream into reality.

“Landscape Design Near Me” – Craft Your Outdoor Oasis in Folsom 

With California’s persistent drought conditions, water conservation remains paramount. Transitioning to drought-tolerant landscaping with Advanced Pavers & Landscape ensures a lush, vibrant yard without exorbitant water bills. Starting with replacing traditional grass with artificial variants can save vast amounts of water. Beyond just grass replacements, we design stunning pathways enveloping diverse flower beds, complemented with gravel and other water-efficient solutions.

Our designs favor succulents and drought-resistant plants, interspersed with aromatic herbs and vivid flora, offering not just a feast for the eyes but also for the culinary enthusiast in you.

Connect with Advanced Pavers & Landscape in Folsom

Whether you’re looking for a complete transformation or subtle enhancements, Advanced Pavers & Landscape aims to make your landscape vision tangible, all within an affordable range. Dial (916) 783-5080 to explore our bespoke landscape design solutions tailored for Folsom, and discover the difference we bring to the realm of landscape architecture and design.


Folsom landscape installation real client reviews.

“Our backyard was a blank slate until we engaged with Advanced Pavers and Landscape for a drought-tolerant landscape overhaul. The transformation was genuinely astounding! They introduced a variety of native, water-wise plants that now flourish and adorn our outdoor space with color and life. The team was insightful, considerate of our ideas, and highly professional throughout the process. Our backyard now is environmentally friendly and a delightful oasis we love spending time in. For anyone searching “drought tolerant landscaping near me” in Sacramento, your search ends here!”

  • Martin R. Folsom, CA

“The team from Advanced Pavers & Landscape brought my vision to life with their impeccable Folsom Landscape Installation. They introduced me to innovative designs I hadn’t even considered, all while ensuring water conservation. It’s truly the perfect blend of aesthetics and responsibility.”.

  • Elena K. Folsom, CA

“After moving to Folsom, I knew I wanted an outdoor space that would let me soak in California’s beauty without hours of maintenance. Advanced Pavers & Landscape was the answer. Their Folsom Landscape Installation has made my outdoors a topic of admiration among friends and neighbors. Top-notch service!”

  • Travis P. Folsom, CA

Read more reviews here

Ready to Transform Your Landscape? Contact Us Now!

Custom landscape design near me in Folsom, CA by Advanced Pavers & Landscape.

Don’t miss out on a landscape that’s both breathtaking and custom landscape installations! Call us at (916) 477-1352 or click below to schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation with Advanced Pavers & Landscape. Let us show you how easy it is to create a custom concrete outdoor space in the Sacramento Valley.

Contact Advanced Pavers & Landscape for Your Free Consultation

If you are searching for “Landscape design near me” in Folsom, CA. Your dream yard is just a click away

Frequently Asked Questions – Folsom Landscape Design Near Me Folsom, CA

Should you use a landscape designer?

Absolutely! Employing a landscape designer, especially for Folsom properties, can prove invaluable. They bring expertise in understanding the local terrain, climate, and indigenous plants, ensuring your landscape looks stunning and thrives sustainably. Advanced Pavers & Landscape’s designers meticulously craft plans aligning with your vision, ensuring efficient use of space and resources.

What should I expect from a landscape designer?

When seeking “landscape design near me” in Folsom, CA, Advanced Pavers & Landscape emerges as a front-runner. These dedicated landscape designers initiate the process with a meticulous site analysis tailored to Folsom’s unique topography and climate conditions. Following this, they delve into understanding your specific requirements and aspirations for the landscape. The next phase involves presenting preliminary “landscape design near me” concepts. Once you’re aligned with their vision, a detailed “landscape design near me” blueprint is crafted. Communication remains a cornerstone throughout, ensuring the final “landscape design near me” outcome reflects your desires and resonates with Folsom’s distinctive character and charm.

Why Hire “Landscape Design Near Me” Instead of a Virtual Company?

  1. Local Expertise
    • Local Adaptability: When you search for “landscape design near me” in Folsom, you are tapping into local expertise. Landscape designers, such as those from Advanced Pavers & Landscape, possess a nuanced understanding of Folsom’s soil, climate, and native plants. Their designs don’t just look beautiful; they are also sustainable and eco-friendly.
    • Data: According to a study by the ASLA, local “landscape design near me” professionals can enhance a landscape’s durability and cut down maintenance costs by up to 25% using native plants and materials native to Folsom.
  2. Hands-on Site Analysis
    • Physical Presence: A “landscape design near me” professional can physically visit your Folsom property, offering a comprehensive onsite analysis that virtual companies can’t mimic. This hands-on approach ensures accurate assessments of soil, drainage, and light conditions.
    • Data: A report from the NALP suggests that onsite evaluations by “landscape design near me” experts can elevate the success rate of landscaping projects by up to 40%.
  3. Personalized Touch
    • Build Relationships: There’s an inherent trust when you opt for a “landscape design near me” in Folsom. These local designers prioritize face-to-face interactions, cultivating trust and guaranteeing that the end design aligns with your vision.
    • Data: A Houzz survey indicates that homeowners who frequently interact in person with their “landscape design near me” professionals in Folsom tend to be 65% more satisfied with the outcome.
  4. Quick Responsiveness and Problem-solving
    • Immediate Assistance: Your local “landscape design near me” expert swiftly addresses any unforeseen challenge during the landscaping process, thanks to their proximity.
    • Data: The LAAB reports Folsom projects led by local “landscape design near me” specialists see approximately 30% fewer delays.
  5. Boost Local Economy
    • Support Local: Choosing a “landscape design near me” service ensures top-tier, locally-aware service and bolsters Folsom’s economy.
    • Data: The SBA highlights that money spent on local businesses, like “landscape design near me”, keeps approximately $68 in the local Folsom economy, a stark contrast to larger chains.



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Searching for “landscape design near me” in Folsom, CA? Uncover the potential of your home’s landscape, one step at a time, with Advanced Pavers & Landscape.

Share this guide if you found it helpful, and here’s to building your dream landscape!

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