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Landscaping Sacramento: Sacramento Landscape Design wtih retaining wall steps creating a beautiful outdoor living space.

Do you want to improve your backyard’s look? You can turn it into a beautiful place. Many homeowners want their outdoor space to match their style. I have listed 10 Sacramento landscape design ideas that can improve your backyard. I’ve got you covered, from drought-tolerant gardens to water features and outdoor lighting. My goal is to give you helpful information and details about these ideas. They can improve your backyard experience. Sit down and enjoy. We’ll explore amazing backyard designs that are both beautiful and useful.

Short Summary:

Want to transform your backyard into a beautiful oasis? Check out this blog for 10 Sacramento landscape design ideas! From contemporary styles and water features to native plants and bird havens, we cover it all. You’ll learn how to add color, texture, and personality to your outdoor space. Our goal is to make it easy for you to create a relaxing and functional environment that matches your personal style.

01 Create a Contemporary Look

Contemporary Landscape Design in Sacramento CA

Contemporary Landscape Design

Creating a modern look in yard design is great for Sacramento homeowners. Here are some tips to achieve a modern and minimalist outdoor aesthetic:

Use Cacti

Cacti are a popular option in contemporary landscape design. They are low-maintenance and add a unique texture to the environment. They come in different shapes and sizes, so you can use them in various parts of your yard.

Play with levels

One way to make your outdoor space look modern is by adding different levels to it. You can make your yard more interesting by adding retaining walls or tiers. This will create depth and add to the overall look of your landscape design. You can change the height of your garden. Use raised garden beds or tall grasses for decoration.

Using cacti and different levels can give your Sacramento backyard a modern look.

02 Stay Cool

Water Feature perfect for a landscape design in Sacramento CA

Water Feature

When it comes to landscape designs in Sacramento, staying cool in the hot summers is key. A mist system and water features can make a difference for guests or relaxing outside.

Misting System

One option to stay cool is to install a misting system (coding) in your outdoor space. According to landscape experts, “When water evaporates, it cools the surrounding air. A mist system sprays water droplets in the air to create a cooling effect. It’s great for hot summer afternoons when you want to be outside but stay cool.

Water Features

You can add fountains and water features to your landscape design. They give a calm mood outside and cool down the area. Hearing water flow can be cooling, while seeing water can make your area feel cooler. If you want something simple to maintain that cools and freshens your space, this is a great idea.

If you want to stay cool and make your outdoor space more relaxing, consider adding a mist system or water features to your landscape design. This can help you feel refreshed and comfortable.

03 Create an Outdoor Living Space


Custom outdoor living space design in Sacramento Ca

Outdoor Living Space

To create an outdoor living area, hardscaping is important. It helps define different spaces and provides structure.


Hardscape is made of hard materials like pavers, stones, bricks, or concrete. Softscape includes living things such as plants, trees, and flowers. This is different from hardscape. You can make a nice and useful design by using both hardscape and softscape.

Outdoor Kitchen

You can make your outdoor space more useful and fun by adding an outdoor kitchen. You don’t need to keep going inside to cook and entertain guests. You can do it all outdoors. An outdoor kitchen can have a grill, a sink, a countertop, and storage for utensils.

Outdoor Furniture

There are endless options for creating a welcoming and comfortable outdoor living space. Create a cozy outdoor space by adding comfy furniture, pretty lights, and rugs. Relax and entertain day or night.

Creating separate areas for outdoor living and cooking is a great way to make your yard more useful. Adding comfy chairs and pretty lights can also make it feel cozy.

04 Go Antique


Antique used in a Sacramento Landscape Design

Antique In Landscaping

Consider using antique items to add a classic touch to your Sacramento landscape design. Antique decor and rustic elements make a space feel cozy and inviting. Want to add antique vintage and rustic elements to your landscape design? Here are some ideas!

Antique Vintage Decor

Find old outdoor furniture such as iron chairs, benches, and swings.

Add vintage metal signs and other outdoor decorations to make your yard fun. Also, consider adding a sundial for extra charm.

Add vintage garden tools, such as a manual seed spreader or a wooden wheelbarrow, to your landscaping.

Rustic Elements

Create a rustic feel in your outdoor space by using natural materials such as stone, wood, and metal.

– Integrate old-fashioned fences made of wood or iron.

– Use reclaimed wood to create benches, tables or feature pieces.

You can add old and basic things to your landscape for an antique look. This will make your landscape unique and interesting.

Antique and rustic pieces can make a Sacramento garden look charming and timeless.

05 Mix in Native Flora

California Poppy in a Sacramento Landscape Design Idea

California Poppy

Adding California native plants and local flowers to a Sacramento landscape design is a good idea. These plants are pretty and need little water and care. They are good for the environment and save money for homeowners. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate native flora into your landscape:

California Native Plants

One of the best ways to mix in native flora is by using plants that are indigenous to California. These plants are good at surviving in this area since they can handle the weather and the soil here. They are also easy to take care of. Here are some popular California native plants:

The California Poppy is a plant with pretty orange flowers. It grows well in sunny places and doesn’t need much water.

Ceanothus, or California lilacs, make blue or white flowers and attract pollinators. High schoolers, take note!

Manzanita is an evergreen shrub with reddish-brown bark. It has small white or pink flowers in the spring.

Local Flowers

You can add more color to your landscaping by adding local flowers. It’s not just important to use native plants. If you pick flowers that thrive in Sacramento, your garden will do great all year. Here are some examples of local flowers to consider: .

Jasmine is a scented plant with white or yellow flowers. It blooms from late spring to early fall.

Lavender is a plant that smells nice. It needs full sun and blooms with purple flowers.

Sweet Alyssum is a small annual plant that grows close to the ground. It has tiny clusters of white or purple flowers and is an excellent choice for covering the ground.

You can make your yard look pretty and eco-friendly by using plants and flowers that grow in California. Your garden needs less maintenance and you help the local ecosystem thrive.

Use California plants and flowers for a pretty and easy to take care of garden in Sacramento. This choice also helps the local environment.

06 Focus On Flowering Bushes


Flowering bushes in a custom landscaping design

Flowering bushes landscape

When it comes to landscaping, flowering bushes are a staple that can add color and texture to any yard. There are many kinds of plants that bloom in Sacramento. Azaleas and camellias are two of the most common and popular ones.


Sacramento homeowners love azaleas because they are easy to grow and take care of. They bloom in the springtime and come in a range of colors, including shades of pink, white, and purple. When it comes to planting azaleas, it’s important to: .

Pick the right spot for your Azaleas. They like it best in partial shade or filtered sunlight, so don’t plant them in direct sunlight.

Make sure the soil drains well for azaleas. Add peat moss or compost to help the soil drain better and keep the plants healthy.

Water your Azaleas consistently. Make sure to water them regularly, especially when it’s dry out.


Camellias are another popular choice for Sacramento landscapes. Like azaleas, they come in a range of colors, including shades of pink, white, and red. Some tips for planting and caring for camellias include: .

When planting camellias, pick a spot that gets partial shade or filtered sunlight. Don’t plant them in direct sunlight.

Prepare the soil for camellias by checking the soil pH and adding peat moss if it’s too basic. Camellias thrive in slightly acidic soil.

To keep your camellias healthy, water them often, especially when it’s dry outside. Camellias need steady moisture.

Azaleas and camellias are colorful bushes that can make Sacramento landscapes beautiful. You can choose either of them. Follow these tips to plant and care for your flowers. They will bloom beautifully for years.

Azaleas and camellias are common flowering bushes in Sacramento. They bring bursts of color to landscapes and are popular among many people. To plant and care for these bushes, you need to choose a good spot, make sure water drains well, and water them often.

07 Shady Solutions

Pergola Installation Sacramento CA

Add Shade To Your Yard

It’s crucial to think about everything in your outdoor area when you’re landscaping. That includes shaded parts. To improve those shady spots, use plants that like shade. Here are some shade-loving plants that can add texture and color to your landscape design: .

Shade Loving Plants

– Hostas

– Ferns

– Astilbe

– Bleeding Heart

– Coleus

Adding these plants to shady spots in your yard can add depth and interest to your landscape. Adding vines and climbing plants can make your shady spots look prettier.

Vines and Climbing Plants

– Climbing hydrangea

– English ivy

– Virginia creeper

– Clematis

Adding vines and climbing plants can bring height to your landscape design. They climb on walls, trellises, and trees. This creates a natural and sometimes a dramatic effect.

Design your shady spots with shade-loving plants and vines to add depth and interest to your outdoor space.

08 Create A Haven For Birds And Butterflies

Butterfly Garden Plants in a Sacramento Landscape Design Inspiration

Butterfly Garden Plants

Want to make your Sacramento home more beautiful? One way is to make a bird and butterfly-friendly space! Attracting birds to your yard makes it more beautiful and supports the environment. Here are some easy landscape design ideas to attract birds and butterflies.

Butterfly Garden Plants

Butterflies are pretty and can make outside places seem playful. One way to create a haven for them in your yard is by planting butterfly garden plants. These plants are specifically chosen for their ability to attract and feed butterflies. You can add milkweed, aster, and coneflower to your butterfly garden. Just make sure to provide these plants with plenty of sunlight to help them thrive.

Birdhouses and Baths

Birds are a great addition to your backyard, and creating a happy habitat for them is important. Providing them with birdhouses is a great way to do this. Birdhouses are available in different shapes and sizes. You can choose one that suits your style and fits the birds in your location. Another option is to add a birdbath to your yard. Water features are great for birds to drink from and add beauty to your yard.

Creating a space for birds and butterflies in your Sacramento yard is good for nature. You can make your outdoor area look nicer and help local ecosystems. One way to bring pretty butterflies to your yard is to plant special garden plants. You can also attract them by putting up birdhouses and bird baths.

09 Nightscaping

Backyard outdoor lighting pathway in Sacramento CA

Outdoor Lighting

Nightscaping is great for making a magical mood. You can enjoy nature even after sunset outdoors. A outdoor lighting system can show off your landscape and keep your property safe. In this part, we’ll talk about some outdoor lighting designs. You can use these ideas to make your Sacramento home look beautiful at night.

Outdoor Lights Can Create Magic

One way to illuminate your Sacramento landscape is by installing outdoor lights. You can use these lights to highlight pretty parts of your garden. For example, a tree or a flower bed that looks nice. It’s important to choose the right type of outdoor lights to make the most of your landscape. Some popular outdoor light fixtures include path lights, spotlights, and floodlights.

Solar Options Are Environmentally Friendly

If you’re concerned about the environment, consider installing solar lights in your yard. These lights use solar panels. Solar panels use the energy from the sun, making them an eco-friendly choice. Solar lights are also easy to install and maintain.

Enhancing the beauty of your yard with lights at night is a good way to make it look stunning. You can also use solar-powered lights to keep your property safe. This is a great option to have. Explanation

10 Landscape Design To Complement Your Home

Outdoor living space to complement your home with artificial turf installation in Sacramento CA

Outdoor living space to complement your home

If you want to design your landscape, consider how your home looks. Incorporating matching home decor can give a polished look. Here are some landscape design ideas to match your home’s architecture:

Mediterranean Style

Consider using plants and features from Mediterranean climates if your home is designed in that style. For example, you could add succulents, olive trees, or terra cotta decorations. The use of earthy colors, such as warm browns and oranges, can also add to the Mediterranean feel.

Craftsman Style

Craftsman-style homes look great with wood and stone. Try using these natural materials to build them. You can make your home look nicer by adding a stone pathway or using wood planks for your garden beds. Adding ferns and other woodsy plants can increase the Craftsman-style appeal.

Modern Landscape

A modern home can benefit from a more minimalist approach to landscaping. Imagine simple and straight lines shaped like squares and rectangles. Large and solid concrete bricks form a pathway that leads to your front door. Adding simple, stylish plants like ornamental grass or succulents in small groups can enhance the modern look.

💡 key Takeaway: When designing your landscape, consider the style of your home. To make your home look put together, use plants and decor that match your house’s style.

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