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Sacramento Landscape Design

Sacramento Landscape Design by Advanced Pavers & Landscape.

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Embarking on a landscaping journey in Sacramento? Understandably, you’d want to capture the city’s unique charm without denting your wallet. Sacramento, with its serene valleys and proximity to the Sierras, presents an alluring canvas for landscaping. However, as enticing as diving right in may seem, it’s prudent to approach it with a well-thought-out strategy. Here are some insights from Advanced Pavers & Landscape to ensure your dream landscape remains budget-friendly.

  1. Embrace Sacramento’s Natural Beauty: Why opt for exotic when Sacramento’s native plants can uniquely charm your landscape? By choosing local flora, you’re saving costs and ensuring longevity and less upkeep.
  2. Smart Planting Choices:
  • The Longevity of Perennials: We recommend perennials over annuals. They promise a longer-lasting garden, eliminating the yearly expenses of replacing them.
  • Maximize with Grasses: Ornamental grasses, especially those suited for Sacramento’s climate, offer both aesthetic appeal and coverage. They grow rapidly, ensuring you get value for money as they swiftly reach their full potential.
  • Simplicity in Variety: While the temptation to diversify is real, maintaining a simple palette can be both cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing. Opt for a limited variety, keeping the landscape cohesive and the budget in check.
  1. Dense Planting, Fewer Worries: A densely planted yard minimizes the emergence of pesky weeds. This means reduced maintenance costs and a lush landscape without being overrun by unwanted plants.
  2. Opt for Turf and Drought-Tolerant Plants: Incorporating artificial turf can be a wise choice, considering Sacramento’s varying climate. Not only does it remain verdant all year round without the need for water, but it also requires minimal maintenance. Additionally, integrating drought-tolerant plants reduces water bills and ensures your garden thrives even in the drier months, striking the right balance between aesthetics and sustainability.
  3. Paver and Flagstone Patios: Investing in a paver or flagstone patio can be a game-changer for your Sacramento landscape design. These materials offer durability, requiring minimal maintenance over time. While pavers provide a neat, structured look, flagstones add a rustic, organic charm to your outdoor space. Their natural cooling properties make them an excellent choice for Sacramento’s sunny days, ensuring the patio remains comfortable underfoot. Moreover, their permeable nature aids in rainwater absorption, aligning with eco-friendly practices. Although the initial investment might seem significant, the long-term benefits of these patios, both in terms of aesthetics and utility, make them a worthy addition to any landscape.

Trust in Local Expertise: At Advanced Pavers & Landscape, we prioritize understanding your vision and the soul of Sacramento. We blend this understanding with practicality, ensuring your landscape reflects your dream and remains budget-friendly.

So, before you dig that first hole or make that trip to a garden center, consider these guidelines. With Advanced Pavers & Landscape by your side, you’ll have a Sacramento yard that’s both beautiful and economically sound.


Sacramento landscape design and installation real client reviews.

“We were at a loss with our barren backyard until we collaborated with Advanced Pavers and Landscape for a sustainable, drought-resistant makeover. The end result took our breath away! They seamlessly integrated an array of native plants that conserve water and bring vibrant beauty to our yard. Their team was thoughtful, responsive to our vision, and maintained utmost professionalism. Our new backyard space is both eco-conscious and a serene retreat we can’t get enough of. If you’re in Sacramento looking for ‘drought-friendly landscaping solutions,’ look no further!”

-James L. Sacramento, CA

“Advanced Pavers & Landscape ” made my dream a reality with their outstanding Folsom Landscape Installation services. They expanded my horizons with unique designs that also prioritize water-saving. It’s a wonderful fusion of style and eco-consciousness.”

-Sophia T. Sacramento, CA

“When I relocated to Folsom, my aspiration was to have a garden that reflected California’s charm without the fuss of high maintenance. Teaming up with Advanced Pavers & Landscape was the best decision. Their meticulous Folsom Landscape Installation now has neighbors and friends singing praises. Exceptional work!”

-Mia W. Sacramento, CA

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Frequently Asked Questions – Sacramento Landscape Design

Q: How much does landscaping cost in Sacramento?

A: The cost of landscaping in Sacramento can vary significantly based on the size of the project, materials used, design intricacies, and labor costs. On average, small projects might start from $5,000, while extensive landscaping overhauls can go over $50,000, with the average project at $30,000. It’s advisable to get a customized quote from local landscapers to get a precise estimate tailored to your needs.

Q: What is the difference between a landscape architect and a landscape designer?

A: Both landscape architects and landscape designers play crucial roles in shaping outdoor spaces, but there are key distinctions:

  • Landscape Architect: Typically holds a professional degree in landscape architecture and is licensed by the state. They are trained to handle complex projects, including site analysis, site planning, planting design, and more. Their expertise often encompasses large-scale projects with intricate structural requirements, such as public parks, urban designs, and commercial spaces.
  • Landscape Designer: Might or might not have formal education in landscaping but usually possesses a deep passion and understanding of plants, natural elements, and aesthetics. They focus primarily on planting designs, garden layouts, and smaller-scale residential projects. While a license isn’t always necessary, many landscape designers hold certifications from local horticultural societies or landscape organizations.

It’s essential to choose the right professional based on the scope and requirements of your project.

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